Let me just start this story by saying Thank God for Phen375!!

Genetics were not very kind to me. My family had always been overweight and didn’t really think anything of it. In their world they were average I guess. But when I look back at the impact of the excess weight on their lives it makes me shudder and worry for the future of my own kids. They died young from either heart disease, diabetes or some other disease related to their excess weight. They couldn’t engage in a lot of activities that normal people engage in. They could barely fit into a plane seat and as much as I loved them I was also embarrassed at times by their conditions.

My own life was also difficult. I was always a chubby kid and when my mother saw that I was upset about it she would tell me that I was just “big boned”. I knew better and I resented myself for being overweight. The constant taunting my colleagues in school made me hate school and I recall countless nightmares about going to school. The strange this was this actually made me want to eat more. I sought comfort in food and found it until that very loss morsel. Then I resented myself all over again and the cycle repeated itself.

I had a very poor self-image of myself. I couldn’t relate to people on a very personal level and never had very intimate relationships when I was younger as a result. I became very jealous of all those attractive, “skinny” girls in school that seemed to have their choice of guys and made every other girls life a living hell.

Some people say that if you are truly disciplined you can control your own weight but I have to tell you that I have tried so many diets and so many times to try and lose weight with very limited success. I an the type of person that always sees things through and I always finished the diets I was on.

Then my friend told me about Phen375

A few years ago an old college friend introduced me to Phen375. She knew about my weight struggles and she struggled with her own weight also. We shared some of the same diets and disheartened about ever losing significant amounts of weight. But I’ll always remember that one call from her. Her tone was one of excitement, happiness and HOPE! She was actually crying she was so happy!!

She told me Phen375 had changed her life. She had been taking Phen375 for 2 months and during that time she had lost an astounding 36 lbs. Now, we have had weight loss before only to find it creep back over the short term. But that didn’t happen with her.

My own Phen375 experience

I have been taking Phen375 myself now for the last 6 weeks and I have to say that this is the most amazing weight loss pill I have ever encountered. I have lost 20 lbs and look forward to losing more. My energy level has increased and my relationships have become so much better.

As I said before, Thank God for Phen375!


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